The Gordon Downie 'Coke Machine Glow' Collection

Limited Edition Hats


I first came across the Coke Machine Glow book of poetry about 14 years ago.
At that time, for me, the slim volumes of poems became something I could pick up easily for a bite size story or image.

I was enjoying reading the stream of consciousness style of Patti Smith, and works by Leonard Cohen. I connected immediately with the words written by Gord Downie, as he wrote with good humour and insight. It was personal, sparse, gritty.
My well worn copy is full of notes, underlines, doodles. I visit it from time to time, like an old friend.

When I was approached to design a series of hats to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Coke Machine Glow, I wanted to draw upon the sharpness of the words, but also keep it accessible and uncomplicated.

I settled on a creamy white palm straw. The shape is slightly western, folky like the songs on the record. Named "Chancellor" and "Trick Rider" two of my favourite listens, two of my favourite reads.

Both looks are very distinct, layered with a nod to the stunning, original orange and fuchsia of the cover art, but with some edgy rock and roll details.

There is a light hearted casualness in this capsule collection, which can be worn by both men and women.

Easily read.
Easily worn. 

Karyn Ruiz - Lilliput Hats 


The Hats

The hats in this collection are a limited edition. There are 100 pieces of  "Chancellor" and 100 pieces of "Trick Rider" totalling 200 altogether.

Each piece is numbered and signed by me. 


Hat #1

The hat: Creamy neutral  palm straw with a gentle pinched western crown and a sloped brim with a slight pencil roll at the sides.

The details: Light singed distressed burn finish with a wood grain embossed chunky leather cuff. Hand embroidered, vintage inspired band in fuchsia / orange yarns, secured with black calf leather lace. Two vibrant pheasant tail feathers for added panache.


Hat #2
"Trick Rider"

The hat: Creamy neutral palm straw, hand pinched crown and sloped brim.

The details: Wrapped with a hand dyed, variegated silk ribbon in tones of orange and fuchsia. Removable stick pin with two-tone leather flower, and black calf leather brim edge whipstitch.




To view the sizing chart, click here.
If you are between sizes please message me asap at: so I may try to best accommodate you.

** Sizes Small and Medium can be easily adjusted down to a smaller size by an inside gathered band.
Sizes Large and Extra-Large are true to size.



Each hat has been lovingly conceived and produced in my tiny shop. There is no customization. There are no exchanges or returns.
Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Your hat will ship out 2-5 days after purchase and comes with a custom, collectable Coke Machine Glow hat box.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at:


Big love and thanks to the following people for bringing a curated eye, super style, good humour, and cheekbones!

Rainbow Sun Francks (@rainbowsun) is a Canadian actor who appeared in the Gord Downie “Useless Nights” video. 

Sara Basso (@redheadinthecity) is a Canadian director, producer, writer who directed “Ouch” by The Tragically Hip, and “Useless Nights” by Gord Downie.

All Photography by Elle Marie (@ellemarie.jpg), who is the digital content director for The Tragically Hip, and Gord Downie.


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