The Gord Downie 'Away Is Mine' Collection

Limited Edition Hats

This collection of bespoke, handmade hats came to life shortly after a lengthy conversation with Patrick and Mike Downie.

I was asked if I was willing to create a tribute hat as an homage to their brother Gord. Something which would encapsulate a style, an aesthetic into something memorable, wearable, and meaningful for the fans.

The time felt right.

Just as the task of designing Gord’s hats for The Tragically Hip’s final tour was daunting, so was this. 
After all, those hats were for Canada’s greatest showman of all time.

They became iconic, and the purple hat continues to live on as the logo for The Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund, which lives quietly in my heart, with gratitude.

This collection has allowed me the time and space to dig down into my creative process, sift through my conversations and correspondence with Gord and come up with something custom, and celebratory, and by my own hands.

Karyn Ruiz – Lilliput Hats

Which brings me to the collection:

Three limited edition uniquely individual hats.
A softer, organic take on a classic fedora.
Styling is fluid, and gender neutral.
50 black, 50 alabaster bone, and 50 violet.

Each, numbered and signed by me.


Hat #1
“Shadow To Shadow”

The hat: Inky black velour felt, 4” crown height, 3" slight rolled brim.

The details:  rough cut black leather bib, leather lace, lava stone beads, brass star, and etched brass Gord signature tag, anchored by a purple threaded tail.

B.C. spoken- word poet Shane Koyczan said “we have worn your music like a stitch over an open vein” The final thread detail is the stitch, the scar, a crack that lets the light in.


Hat #2
“Vibrant Electric”

The hat: Intense, violet velour felt, 4” soft blocked crown, with a 3” slight rolled brim edge.

The details: Cotton bandana fabric wrap, combined with sari silk rope, hand cut and painted felt feather, single peacock feather, and etched brass Gord signature tag.

Hat #3
“The Travelled Road”

The hat: Alabaster bone velour felt, 4” molded crown, with a 3" gentle rolled brim.

The details: Singed, distressed burn, silk grosgrain ribbon in sage, leather laced brim edge. Removable brooch pin has striped metallic ribbon, brass heart with wing, bone bead, brass feather, and etched “Away Is Mine” tag.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at: